Time to Sell?

Are you thinking of selling your home? Just as much work goes into selling a home or property as buying one. We offer a FREE home evaluation to give you our expert opinion on the best price to list your home in your current market and climate. We also offer a FREE home renovation consultation where Harbour Realty Group will come to your home and prepare a report based on small-medium home renovations they feel will be worthwhile before listing your home.  A good first impression creates one that lasts.

Buyers decide in the first eight seconds of seeing a home if they’re interested in buying it.
— Barbara Corcoran

Some things to think about:

Small home improvements.

Our clients often ask us if adding a coat of paint will help boost the price of their home. It’s important to note that most buyers will want to make small changes like that themselves regardless of what you do before you sell. Ask us about small improvements and any renovations and we can gladly advise if they are worthwhile.

Enhancing curb appeal.

You can only make one first impression. When a potential buyer comes along you want your home to look as good as it can. Make sure you continue care to care for your home while it’s on the market, cut your grass or shovel snow and touch up the small stuff.

Declutter your home.

You have an incredible amount of stuff, most people don’t realize just how much they have accumulated until they start packing. Once you decide to sell your home, start clearing out that clutter. Consider donating the things you don’t need anymore.

Online shopping.

These days, your buyer is most likely to see your home for the first time online. Realtors used to introduce buyers to properties but motivated buyers are now online, checking listings on their own. It is extremely important for your home to look good online, that’s why we use HD quality professional photography and videography to showcase your home.

Buyers want to see your home on their schedule.

It may not be convenient for you but remember that your number one goal is to sell your home and if you refuse showings, you’re refusing potential buyers that may or may not re-book. It’s understandable if something comes up but try to make sure you absolutely have to refuse a showing before you do it and suggest a better time when you do.

The Selling Process

Listing your home

Once you’ve met with your Harbour Realty Group Agent for your Listing Consultation, you will decide on a price together. After that, they will notify our large network of potential buyers that your home is coming to market. You may find a buyer during this time while we are create your custom website and arrange our HD quality professional photography and videography.


Staging can mean by a professional or even the work you do yourself to prep your home for our photographers and videographers. You will want to clean your home from top to bottom and declutter as much as possible. If we feel your home could benefit from professional staging, we’ll arrange that for you.

Advertising and Promotion

There are many different ways to advertise your home. Working with a Harbor Team Realtor means that your listing will be treated with care, from a custom designed website to showcasing your home using professional photography and videography, to representation on Realtor.ca, Home Finder, Kijiji, the Harbour Realty Group website and social media, your listing is sure to be seen by not only prospective buyers but also other Realtors looking on behalf of their clients.

Prepping for an Open House

In some cases we won’t recommend you do an open house but if we do, it will likely be on a Sunday from 2-4pm. A successful open house can be key for generating quick interest in your home. Try to make your rooms bright and airy by leaving windows open or opening curtains or blinds, light a scented candle or put out fresh flowers. Leave some refreshments out for your guests and for your own security, store all your valuables.

Your first offer

Once your Harbour Realty Group Agent receives an offer for your home, they will present it to you. In some cases there may be multiple offers. This is where your Harbour Realty Group Agent will shine for you, they can help you understand exactly what the offer means and advise if you should accept or counter the offer. It’s not just about price, it’s possible the buyers have asked for other things to be included, for example, your appliances. They may also have asked for you to perform some minor renovations before they buy your home like re-shingling your roof. These are important things to consider.

Conditional/Firm sale

Once you accept the offer, you will have a conditional sale. That means until the conditions of the offer are fulfilled the sale is not firm. Conditions can including things like financing, inspection, sale of property, etc. Once the conditions on your offer are met, or if there weren’t any to begin with, you have a firm sale. The sold sign will go up on your home. Congratulations!

Closing Process

These are some items that will need your attention when closing the sale of your house such as getting a change of address package from the post office, notifying your utility and cable company that you're moving, and getting your closing documents in order for your lawyer and mortgage agent.  Don’t worry, your Harbour Realty Group Agent is still here to help you navigate this process and help with any other questions you may have.

Ready To Sell Your Home?